Housewarming Party Food Ideas

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Celebrate the purchase of your new home with a party.
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Buying a home or even moving to a new apartment for the first time can be a very exciting experience. Usually, friends and relatives help celebrate by throwing a housewarming party. Planning a housewarming party will usually involve planning a menu. Explore some options to plan a menu that will work for the situation.


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Backyard Barbecue

serve barbecued foods such as ribs if the home has a backyard
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If you've moved into a home with a beautiful patio, garden or deck, show it off with a backyard barbecue party. Serve grilled chicken, barbecue ribs, steaks or a nice beef brisket. Set up some picnic or card tables with crisp linen tablecloths and serve the meal buffet style with all of your barbecued meats and side dishes. To allow your guests to tour and admire your entire home, open your party to the interior of your home by offering some drinks and appetizers throughout the main areas, but do your cooking and meal-eating in the yard.


Pot Luck

guests can share recipes for their covered dishes
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Explain to your friends and family that you would like to invite them to share their favorite dishes for a pot luck party. Ask each guest to bring a covered dish or something to drink, as you would with any pot luck meal. Ask them also to bring the recipe for the dish that you brought, so that the guests of honor can build their own personal recipes for the new kitchen. You may find guests also want to exchange recipes with each other as you try all of the delicious dishes.


Finger Foods

serve a variety of finger foods including cheeses
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Serve finger foods at the housewarming party to reduce messes and eliminate the need for utensils. Serve trays of cheese, veggies and desserts. For a main course, cut submarine sandwiches or paninis into smaller "finger sandwiches." Also consider skewered meats like garlic chicken or barbecue beef brisket. Serve homemade baked french fries or mini quiches as sides.