People of Whoville Costume Ideas

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Eclectic characters in a group
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Whoville, the fictional town in the classic illustrated books "Horton Hears a Who!" and "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," is a creation of Dr. Seuss. It is expected that a Whoville costume would be playful, colorful and more than a little nutty. Still, there is no one right way to dress like a person of Whoville. As you construct your costume, study the books--or the popular 1966 animated feature about the Grinch, which remains stylistically true to the original illustrations--for inspiration and ideas.


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Ecclectic Costume
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Local consignment shops are the best target for Whoville-wear. Brightly colored, out-dated dresses and suits that exaggerate form and draw attention to themselves are a fitting choice. For a more abstracted outfit, nightgowns and flannel pajamas, cloaks, stocking caps, hats with floral arrangements, tights, knee-high stockings and old terry cloth zip-up robes are appropriate.


Look for furry cuffs and pants that balloon out and then wrap tightly around the ankles. Otherwise, you can use elastic to achieve the same effect. Items that have giant ribbons and bows, polka dots, plaid, stripes and loud patterns are all fitting. For an eclectic look, clothes of clashing colors or strange pattern combinations may be layered.


Cool, bizarre hairstyle
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Whoville hairstyles are variable, but they're mostly bizarre. A woman may choose to wear her hair in a pony-tail on top of the head, poofed or curled to sit on top of the head without drooping down. The hair of a woman may also be worn in braids that stick out; use wires for the "Pippi Longstocking" effect. Multiple braids and pony tails may be used on one head.


A man may use styling gel to slick back, curl or stand his hair up in curled, messy spikes. In some cases, antennas may be attached to the head.


Colorful, creative eyeshadow
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Little or no makeup is necessary. However, to add to the overall mania, cheeks may be made rosy; noses may be rosy as well. Women may wear colorful eyeshadow or lipstick. Citizens of Whoville do not actually look very human--presumably because they are not. Yet, without a mask, it would be impossible to mimic the face of a citizen of Whoville.