Birthday Ideas for Turning 60

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60th birthday

Birthdays are a special time in anyone's life, but turning 60 is a milestone year. A person who is turning 60 should be celebrated for her life's accomplishments and the years she's lived. By making a person's 60th birthday special, you can make him feel optimistic about the future and assure him that his life has meant something and will continue to do so.


60 Gifts

Gifts that center on the No. 60 can be fun. For example, if the recipient likes coffee, give a gift card to a coffee shop for $60 or 60 lbs. of coffee or enough coffee to make 60 cups. You also can give 60 $1 bills or 60 quarters as a monetary gift.


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Memory Book

A memory book that tells the story of someone's life is appropriate for a person turning 60. Gathering photos, memorabilia and memories from friends and family members will help you create an accurate and meaningful memory book. It can include short notes from important people throughout the guest of honor's life, such as a spouse, children and close friends.


60 Party

Plan a surprise party focused on the No. 60. The decorations, the cake and the music can all celebrate the person's age. A cutout of the No. 60 can be suspended from the ceiling, and an old flat bedsheet with the No. 60 painted on it can serve as a wall hanging for the party. Confetti in the shape of the No. 60 is also a fun touch. Centerpieces can be a photo tree highlighting different eras of the person's life. Play music from 60 years ago, when the person was born, for the background music.


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