16-Year-Old Birthday Games

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Throw a memorable party with these sweet sixteen games

Sweet 16 games are perfect for teens who may have outgrown traditional birthday bashes a few years ago but still want to mark this special birthday with a party. These games appeal to teenagers who want to have fun without acting like children. Play music your teen likes and provide plenty of food and you'll have a party your teen will remember for years.


Pairing Off

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Create several cards with famous pairs written on them. It may be people such as Edward and Bella or Superman and Lois, or it can be other well-known pairs like peanut butter and jelly or hugs and kisses. Pin one card to the back of each player, then challenge each player to find out who they are. They can ask other players one question each, but cannot ask "Who am I?"

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Kissing Cards

Guests sit in a circle, alternating boys with girls. A playing card is passed from person to person around the circle, using only their mouths. Players must suck on the card to hold or grab it and blow on the card to pass it. Couples that drop the card are out. Play until only two people remain.


Feed a Friend

Players play in pairs, standing with their backs to one another. One player holds a fishing rod with a chocolate bar attached to the string and tries to feed the bar to the other player. The team that finishes its chocolate bar first wins.


Dance Off

Have plenty of music ready for this body-shaking contest. Set the atmosphere with low lights, colored lights and glow bracelets. Play the music for a set amount of time, with breaks in between and the length of time the music plays increasing each time. Players need to keep dancing while the music plays or be disqualified.


Lip Syncing Contest

Each person lip syncs to her favorite song (or uses a karaoke machine). Provide feather boas, gaudy sunglasses and other props for guests to wear while they sing. Give prizes to each player, declaring the funniest, most heartfelt, best impression and other unique titles.


Apple Race

Divide guests into two teams of boys and girls. Each team stands in a line, shoulder to shoulder, alternating boys and girls, and facing the other team. The first person in each line holds an apple under his chin. The apples are passed down the line from player to player, but players may not use their hands. The fastest team wins.



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