What Trees Are Safe to Plant Near a Drain Field?

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Planting any type of tree too close to a drain field can be problematic. But there are particular trees that are safe alternatives. Trees with aggressive roots, those with roots that grow fast, quickly lodge within drain lines. Aggressive roots can cause clogs or breakage and shifting of pipes. According to Inspectapedia.com, certain trees with less aggressive roots are safer to plant near a drain field.

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Ornamental Trees

Ornamental trees that are safe to plant near a drain field include crab apple trees, which display white flowers in the spring and berry-like fruit that turns bright red in the fall. Dogwood trees also are safe to plant near a drain field. Dogwoods have overlapping white, yellow or pink petal-like blooms in the spring and are low-trunked with horizontal branches.

Oak Trees

Oak trees are another variety safe to plant near a drain field. A scarlet oak tree is fast-growing and has leaves that are a glossy, deep green on top with a paler green below; the leaves become scarlet in the fall. A white oak tree is another option. White oaks are broad with dark green leaves in the summer that turn red in the fall.

Shade Trees

Shade trees also are safe to plant near a drain field. Black gum trees (also called black tupelo) have dark green, glossy leaves in the summer that change to a multihued combination of yellow, orange, bright red, purple and scarlet. Golden rain trees are another good option to plant near a drain field. This tree displays yellow blossoms in summer with paper-like hanging capsules in the fall.


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