Damp Smells From Concrete Floors

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Deodorize concrete floors with baking soda.

Concrete flooring can sometimes accumulate a damp smell. Often found in basements and garages, the unpleasant floor smell can emit throughout the entire house. This makes the home feel unclean and uninviting. It is important to remove the damp smell and prevent it from coming back.


Causes of Damp Smells

Concrete floors are typically found in unfinished areas of the home. Often basements are dark, damp areas that receive little sunlight or ventilation. This causes moisture to stand inside the room; the standing moisture gets absorbed into the concrete, which leads to the odor.


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Using Baking Soda

Baking soda works perfectly, not only for deodorizing the floor, but for absorbing moisture. Sprinkle the concrete floor with a light dusting of the baking soda and let it sit overnight. The soda will natural deodorize the floor and pull the excess moisture, which is typically the cause of the damp smell, out of the concrete.


Using Vinegar

White vinegar works well for cleaning, deodorizing and disinfecting. If any mildew growth has accumulated, the vinegar will remove it without harming the concrete. To use, mix about 1 gallon water with 2 cups white vinegar. Mop the concrete with this solution and let the floor air dry.


Preventing the Damp Smell

To prevent the smell you want to keep the moisture out of the room. Dehumidifiers work perfectly for capturing the excess moisture from a room. Place this unit in the middle of the room and empty the water reservoir daily to get rid of the liquid that the unit has collected. Ventilation is also crucial step in keeping moisture out of a room. When possible, open windows and allow air to circulate. If you have the concrete floor in your garage, leave the door open at least a crack every once in a while to ventilate the area.



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