Are Peonies Poisonous?

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Peonies are poisonous.

Peonies and their colorful blossoms are common in many gardens and floral arrangements. For all of their beauty, many people do not realize that peonies are poisonous. Pets and humans can fall ill if they ingest peonies.



Many different plants cause a choking hazard to small children. This includes plants placed outdoors along with those kept inside or flowers in vases. While some plants feature toxic parts, other plants are completely toxic. Not all plants present problems to all animals or humans.


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Although it has no medical purpose, the peony encourages blood clotting. It may also cause excessive menstrual bleeding in women and miscarriage. When consumed in larger doses, peonies cause accelerated heartbeat, nausea and vomiting. Some people may also experience tremors and seizures. In animals, especially housecats, along with vomiting and diarrhea it may cause the animal to show signs of severe depression. Peony is extremely toxic to dogs.



Call a doctor or poison control center if any part of a peony is consumed. If you suspect that your pet has eaten any part of a peony plant or flower, call your veterinarian or contact the ASPCA poison center immediately for assistance. Depending on the amount of a peony plant consumed, this plant can even cause death.


Things to Consider

Peonies, among other plants are poisonous to animals and humans. Even some common plants, including daffodils and many lilies, cause gastrointestinal problems for most pets. Many times, pets living indoors enjoy chewing on foliage and green plants. When you take your dog outdoors, ensure the area remains clear of any harmful plants.



Although a lovely, fragrant flower, avoid including peonies in arrangements that will reside inside of the home. This will prevent pets and children from becoming curious and tasting them. Like many, you may choose to grow peony bushes in your garden. If you do decide to plant peonies, plant them where your pets will not have any access to them.


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