Measurements for a Queen Size Bed Dust Ruffle

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Dust ruffles serve two purposes in bedding. The first, as the name implies, is to keep dust from accumulating under the bed. The second is to decorate the bottom of the bed where the sheets and blankets don't generally reach. If you would like to use a dust cover on a bed, such as a queen, it's important to make sure the dust cover has the proper measurements.


Using a Dust Ruffle

Use a dust ruffle on any bed where you would like to hide the bottom of the bed frame, such as a metal bed frame, or to keep the dust from beneath any bed. If you use a dust ruffle with a traditional bed frame with both a head and foot board, make sure you choose a dust ruffle that splits at the corners to accommodate the posts. A dust ruffle can be especially useful if you have items stored beneath the bed, which make it difficult to vacuum the floor under the bed.


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How to Buy Dust Ruffles

Like sheets and comforters, dust ruffles are sold by bed size. Buy a queen-size dust ruffle for a proper fit on a queen-size bed. The measurements of the flat part of a queen-size dust ruffle are the same size as a queen-size bed, 60 inches by 80 inches. The height of queen-size dust ruffles vary slightly, so measure the bed from the top of the box spring to the floor so that you know the length, or drop, that you need for the ruffle.


Custom “Drop”

If you cannot find a dust ruffle of the appropriate length for your bed, you can have dust ruffles custom-made. Custom-made dust ruffles can have "drop" lengths of any size, so you can get the perfect fit for your dust ruffle. The ideal fit for a dust ruffle allows the dust ruffle to just touch the floor on both sides and the bottom of the bed when the dust ruffle is centered on the box spring.


Making Your Own Dust Ruffle

If you would like to sew your own dust ruffle, the process is fairly simple. You need one piece of fabric that measures the size of a queen bed, 60-by-80 inches, and three additional pieces of fabric, all with the same width, which should be the amount of "drop" you need for the bed. One piece should be the the same length as the bed's width and the other two should be the same length as the length of the bed. When attaching the bottom pieces to the edges of the flat piece of fabric, leave the corners open so that the ruffle can split around the bed posts.



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