What Are Cricut Lite Cartridges?

Cricut machines are paper die-cutting systems that are used in scrapbooking, cardmaking and other paper crafts. You can purchase cartridges in a variety of themes to create a vast number of designs including letters, numbers and basic and layered images. The Cricut lite cartridge is one of the newest items available for the Cricut machine. It offers a more compact version of the regular Cricut cartridge while still allowing you to make a number of designs.


The Cricut lite cartridge contains 50 different images, all of which have four layers to make up a total of 200 images. The regular cartridge has six different feature keys which allows for up to 600 variations. The Cricut lite only has the layer/shadow feature key. The Cricut lite uses the same style keypad as the regular cartridges.


The Cricut lite cartridges are compatible with all Cricut machines including the Jukebox. The Jukebox is a cartridge holder that can hold multiple cartridges at one time and can be plugged into your Cricut machine. Instead of removing a cartridge from the machine each time you want to change it, you can keep all of your cartridges in the Jukebox and scroll through to find the one you need.


With 30 Cricut lite cartridges available as of May 2011, there is a wide variety of designs to select from. Letter cartridges include "Billionaire," "Cherry Limeade," "Feeling Groovy" and "Varsity Letter." Cartridges that have only images include "Botanicals," "Carousel," "Dude!" and "Wildlife." Cartridges that have both images and phrases include "B is for Boy," "Block Party," "Handy Man," "Bloom" and "Hoot n' Holler." There are also cartridges that allow you to make specific items such as the "Chore Chart" cartridge, which provides you with the necessary images to create a chore chart.

Where to Buy

Since their release in July 2010 and as of May 2011, Cricut lite cartridges are available only at Wal-Mart and retail for approximately $39.99.