Dimensions of a Coat Closet

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If you are installing a coat closet or planning a new home layout, knowing how much space the typical coat closet takes up helps. Generally speaking, all coat closets have certain measurements. Some of the measurements change depending on the space available in your home; others will not change.



The height of the interior of the coat closet is usually the same height as the ceilings, which makes framing the closet easy as the closet walls are simply installed from floor to ceiling. The height of the closet door is also the same as other interior doors, which is around 80 inches tall.

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All coat closets are at least 28 inches deep, which allows large coats to hang in a vertical orientation without brushing against the walls or door. The depth of the coat closet is one measurement that changes with available space. In large homes, more depth is allowed for additional storage or to allow the coats to hang along the side walls, not just the back wall. If the coat closet is a walk-in style, it may be as deep as 6 feet, although this is uncommon. If coats only hang across the back of the closet, making the coat closet deeper only adds limited storage space.



The width of the closet depends on the size of the home and how many coats are stored inside. About six jackets hang per foot of closet space, which means in a family-size home with six people, each owning three coats, 3 feet of closet space is required. Typical coat closet widths range from 3 to 6 feet. Allowing more room for thick winter coats and jackets is advisable. Thick winter coats take up about 4 inches of closet width, depending on their size, which means a closet width of 4 to 6 feet will grant more space and convenience.


Rod Height

The rod height in a coat closet is another important dimension. Rod height is the height of the closet rod from the floor of the closet. Since overcoats take up lots of vertical space, a coat closet rod needs to be higher from the ground. Anywhere from 60 to 65 inches high is an ideal height for your coat closet rod, which gives enough space for overcoats and long rain jackets and is still easy to reach. If you are unsure, determine the height of your rod by measuring the length of your longest coat or garment and adding 2 to 4 inches to provide space under the garment for shoes and boots. Ensure the rod height is easy to reach before hanging it.


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