What Is Puffy Paint?

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Puffy paint -- a crafting staple -- dries in a raised puff on your project surface. This additional dimension allows you to create specialized designs on clothing, shoes, paper and wood, among other surfaces.

Puffy Paint Basics

Puffy paint looks like acrylic craft paint when squirted out of its bottle, but it expands and puffs up as it dries, adding a cloud-like look to the lines of paint. Puffy paint bottles, which have a narrow tip, are designed to create thin lines so you can write words or draw outlines with ease. Depending upon the formula, the puff paint may stick to paper, glass, fabric and wood. Fabric-based puffy paints are usually machine-washable, so you can use them to permanently decorate washable clothing. Puffy fabric paint also adds non-slip grip to surfaces, so you can use it on the soles of children's socks, for instance, to provide added grip.


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Homemade Puffy Paint

Create a kid-friendly DIY version of puffy paint from school glue and shaving cream. This version may not be as durable as the real thing, but it works well on thick paper such as construction paper.


Things You'll Need

  • School glue

  • Shaving cream

  • Disposable bowl or foam plate

  • Food coloring (optional)

  • Paintbrush

  • Construction paper

Step 1

Mix equal parts school glue and shaving cream in a disposable bowl or on a foam plate. Add a drop or two of food coloring, if desired.

Step 2

Stir the mixture with a paintbrush, stirring just enough to blend the ingredients. Do not over-stir, or the paint may not stay puffy.


Step 3

Brush the puffy paint onto construction paper, creating designs such as clouds, ice cream cones or sheep, for instance. Allow the paint to dry completely before touching it.



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