Senior Citizens Banquet Ideas

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Plan a memorable banquet for senior citizens.

Most senior citizens enjoy socializing and celebrating. Whether the banquet is for a church or other community organization, there are numerous ideas that will help you plan the best banquet possible. After a theme is chosen for the banquet and the budget determined, it is time to plan the banquet and all the activities.


Choose a Theme

Decide on a theme for your banquet. One option is choosing the theme based upon the time of year; for example, Valentine's Day, Christmas, prom night, spring fever or a fall festival. Decide how formal you want the banquet. Formal banquets will require suits and ties for the men and gowns for the women. Semiformal or casual-dress banquets give the attendees a little more freedom in clothing choice. If you are planning a casual senior banquet, choose a whimsical, fun theme such as Halloween, Hawaiian luau, golden years, Mexican fiesta, casino party, sock hop, rock n' roll, masquerade ball or beach party.


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The Budget

The amount of money you can spend on your banquet is very important. If you have a large budget, you can go all out with decorations and food. A small budget will require you to be more creative or cut back on either the food or decorations. Charging an entrance fee for the banquet can help with the budget. The food will be the largest expense of the banquet unless it is a potluck. Catered banquets are more expensive, but usually worth the price, especially if you will pass the cost of the meal on to the seniors who are attending. Decorations can be elaborate or simple depending on your budget.



Decorate the banquet hall according to your theme. Valentine's Day banquets, for example, will be red and white with plenty of hearts. Helium balloon bouquets and twinkle lights are an inexpensive and delightful option for just about any type of banquet. Make sure the tablecloths and dinnerware match the theme as well. Hit the holiday sales to buy decorations for a banquet you know will take place the following year.



Plan the activities based upon the theme. If you are having a '50s sock hop, for example, then a dance will be the entertainment. You may need to hire a DJ to play the music or assign someone attending the banquet to play music for the guests. Even if you do not have a dance, you will still need background music to set the tone. Most banquets are successful if you allow the guests to have some time to mingle and talk. Assign someone to host the banquet or act as master of ceremonies to keep the night running smoothly.



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