Ways to Make Your Boring Ranch Home Stand out From the Rest

A fresh coat of paint, new entry and landscaping liven up this ranch house.
A fresh coat of paint, new entry and landscaping liven up this ranch house. (Image: Jupiterimages/Creatas/Getty Images)

Ranch houses represent a residential architectural style that became common following World War II through the 1970s. These homes are prevalent in suburban America and are typically single story structures with low roof lines and minimal exterior detailing. If you feel that your ranch home is boring, there are a few ways to make it stand out from the rest.

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Fresh Coat of Paint

The easiest way to makeover the exterior of your home and help it stand out from the neighbors' is to apply a couple of fresh coats of paint. Ranch homes were typically painted neutral, muddy shades, such as beige or brown. Instead, try a crisp white, blue-gray or deep red to make a big impact. Paint the shutters or other trim pieces a contrasting shade to make your home's exterior pop.

New Entry

Construct a new awning or entry to highlight the front door to your home. Add an entry with a taller, pitched roof to break the monotony of your ranch home's low, horizontal roof line. Also add a porch to create a social gathering space.


Construct a front pathway paved in brick or stone, and line it with flowering plants. Conceal any unsightly portions of your home's exterior with thick bushes. Plant a few trees that will grow taller to offset the low profile of your home. A little landscaping effort can make an otherwise typical and boring ranch home look much more integrated into the landscape.

Second Story Addition

If you have the budget to completely transform your home, add a second story addition to all or a portion of the structure. Ensure the existing structure can support the weight. Coordinate the exterior finishes to match the existing cladding of your home, or take this opportunity to completely reface it. With the addition of a second story, no one will know the house was built in the ranch style.

Architectural Details

Since ranch homes are usually plain on the exterior, adding ornate window trim, shutters, roof brackets or other details can make the facade appear more interesting. However, you should take a consistent approach when adding these elements or else they will look out of place.


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