Cool Ideas for Nerd Day at School

Having a Nerd Day at school allows students to appreciate the so-called nerds and look at them with a different perspective. This day can be celebrated using numerous adaptations. The older the students, the more they can experiment with different ideas on how to dress and play games on Nerd Day.

Nerd Day (Image: Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Nerd Fashion Show

Nerd fashion show (Image: Burke/Triolo Productions/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

A fashion show can be held for any age group. Ask the students to come to school with nerd-like hairstyles or wearing nerd clothes. A competition can be held to select the best nerd hairstyle and the nerdiest clothes. The panel of judges can comprise of students and teachers; and a trophy of broken glasses repaired with duct tape and mounted on a stand can be presented to winners.

Superhero Fashion Show

Have students dress up like their favorite superheroes (Image: Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Popular culture depicts many superheroes who dress like nerds in day-to-day life -- think Clark Kent aka Superman or Dr Bruce Banner aka the Hulk. Getting students to dress up like their favorite superheroes can be a great way to celebrate Nerd Day at school and to let kids get in touch with their inner superhero. Give the students the option of dressing up like the superhero in real like or his alter ego.

Characters from Science Fiction

Dress up as a character from science fiction. (Image: Jupiterimages  /Polka Dot/Getty Images)

Select a science fiction theme for Nerd Day and ask the students to dress up like well-known characters from popular science fiction movies or tele-serials. Ask the teachers to dress up, too, so that students can have a great time laughing and enjoying themselves while fostering a spirit of solidarity between kids and faculty.


Ask teachers and students to dress up like nerdy scientists. (Image: Ableimages/Lifesize/Getty Images)

Ask teachers and students to dress up like nerdy scientists. You are sure to get some innovative ideas from this theme as students will come up with a range of attire to project themselves as scientists with all their regalia; namely pens, glasses with tape on the nose piece, pocket calculator, and white lab coat. Don't be surprised to see many of the students dressing up like Einstein.

Dance with a Dress Code

Organize a Nerd Day dance at the school with a dress code. The boys should wear plaid high-water pants with long-sleeved, collared shirts, white socks, black shoes and suspenders, while the girls should wear long skirts, white tights or socks, broad belts and tennis shoes. The hair of the boys should be gelled flat or left unkempt, while the girls should wear crooked pigtails. Both boys and girls can have the option of wearing fake nerdy glasses with tape on one side or on the nose piece. The music for the dance should be retro -- 80s New Wave music is a good choice -- and if the school has a phonograph, it can be used to play some really old LPs.

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