Torque Specifications of a John Deere 757 Riding Lawn Mower

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You will need a professional-grade torque wrench to correctly tighten each bolt on your mower.

Maintaining a John Deere 757 riding lawn mower is an important part of ownership. Knowing how much to tighten each bolt and nut on the mower will ensure it runs smoothly. John Deere's 757 riding lawn mower features a Kawasaki FH721D engine, and specific torque pressure must be used to keep all engine parts working under manufacturer specifications. Each of the following torque specifications are in pounds per foot.


Fuel System Torque Specifications

Choke valve screw: 8.4 inches/foot pounds Throttle valve screws: 8.4 inches/foot pounds Main jet plug: 13 foot pounds Carburetor drain screw: 18 inches/foot pounds Fuel shut-off solenoid valve: 14 foot pounds Float chamber mounting screw 35 inches/foot pounds Governor arm clamp nut: 69 inches/foot pounds Governor shaft plate screws: 17 foot pounds Carburetor and intake pipe mounting bolts and nuts: 52 inches/foot pounds Intake manifold mounting bolts: 52 inches/foot pounds Air cleaner body mounting bolts: 52 inches/foot pounds Control panel mounting bolts: 52 inches/foot pounds


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Cooling System and Engine Torque Specifications

Screen bolts: 52 inches/foot pounds Engine-shroud bolt (M8): 61 inches/foot pounds Engine-shroud bolts (M6): 52 inches/foot pounds Cylinder head bolts: 21 foot pounds Valve clearance lock screws: 61 inches/foot pounds Connecting rod big end cap bolts: 87 inches/foot pounds Rocker arm bolts: 21 foot pounds Rocker cover mounting bolts: 61 inches/foot pounds Muffler flange nuts: 11 foot pounds Spark plugs: 16 foot pounds


Lubrication System Torque Specifications

Plastic engine drain plugs: 61 inches/foot pounds Metal engine drain plug: 14.5 foot pounds Plastic engine drain plug joint: 12 foot pounds Metal engine drain plug joint: 29 foot pounds Oil pressure switch: 87 inches/foot pounds Oil pump cover plate mounting bolts: 52 inches/foot pounds


Camshaft, Crankshaft and Electrical System Torque Specifications

Crankcase cover bolts: 19 foot pounds Breather chamber cover bolts: 51 inches/foot pounds Stator coil screws: 30 inches/foot pounds Flywheel bolt: 41 foot pounds Fan housing bolts: 61 inches/foot pounds Fan housing bolts (M6): 52 inches/foot pounds Screen bolts: 52 inches/foot pounds Regulator screws: 30 inches/foot pounds Ignition coil bolts: 52 inches/foot pounds Starter motor mounting bolts: 11 foot pounds Spark plugs: 16 foot pounds



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