Can I Power Wash a Basement?

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Power wash basements with drains.

Power washing speeds up the cleaning process because the pressure from the water makes it unnecessary to scrub the dirty area. While pressure washing is more common for outdoor cleaning, it is still possible to pressure wash the basement if you use the right pressure washer and have the right water disposal system.



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Proper preparation will make it possible to remove stains and dirt from floors and walls in your basement. Remove all furniture, rugs, paintings or any décor in the room. If an item is not removable, cover it with tarps to make sure it doesn't get damaged by water.

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Water Disposal

Power washing uses gallons of water at a time. This water will settle on the top of the basement floor. Because of this, never power wash a basement that has rugs or carpets on it. Only use a power washer if you have a way to remove the water that is pooling on the floor. Some unfinished basements will have a floor that slopes to a drain that will prevent the water from building up. You can also use a water extraction machine that will suck up the water from the floor.



Power washers use high pressure to remove dirt and other debris from the surface of the floor. Because of this, you cannot use the process to clean sensitive floors such as marble or ceramic tiles. Be careful when using the machine to clean brick or concrete. Never direct the nozzle at chipped or cracked walls or floors.


Choosing a Pressure Washer

Choose the right power washer for your basement. Choose an adjustable pressure power washer so that you can use low pressure to clean brick or medium pressure to clean concrete. Choose a pressure washer that has a large tank and a long chord to make cleaning more convenient.



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