Quick Declutter Techniques

A quick declutter can clean this up.
A quick declutter can clean this up. (Image: Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images)

Decluttering can be a very freeing process. Quick decluttering techniques work well for someone with a desire to declutter an area and the determination to see it through. If you can focus on a task for a short amount of time, you can declutter and rid your home, business or other location of unnecessary stuff.

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Make a Quick Pitch

Choose a room or area of the house, business or other location you want to declutter. Decide on a number of items, such as 100. Grab a trash bag and quickly pitch any trash or unwanted items in the bag. If you question whether you want an item, ask yourself three questions from Flylady.net. Do you love it? Do you use it? Do you feel good when you look at it? If you answer no, pitch it in the bag. When you are done, tie up the bag and place it in your trash can. Do not open the bag to retrieve items.

Use a Timer

Using a timer to declutter quickly while staying on task can remove quite a bit of clutter in a small amount of time. Grab a trash bag and start the timer with 15 minutes. Focus on one room or race from room to room removing items and trash that you no longer want or need. Tie up the bag and put it in the garage or place where you store trash before it is picked up on trash day.

Get Organized

Choose a space or room to organize such as the bedroom or living room desk. Organizing is a natural declutter technique that brings like items together. Work from biggest to smallest items to remove the large clutter first and so you can see the small clutter. If you find clothes, books, shoes or trash on the floor, start by gathering all of the clothes into laundry baskets. Move quickly and continue for a set amount of time, such as 45 minutes, or until the items in the space are organized in groups together.

Keep Order

Creating order by designating locations to place organized items is a quick preventative declutter technique. When items have a place to return to when someone is done using them, clutter is kept in check on a regular basis. In a bedroom you can use the laundry basket for dirty clothes, under the bed for storage boxes of old pictures, the closet floor for shoes, a paper bag by the door for items to be given away and a mug on the dresser for pens and pencils.


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