Can You Use Diluted Clorox Water to Clean Ceramic Floor Tile?

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Clean your ceramic floor tile properly.

Having ceramic floor tile in the home gives you a durable and permanent flooring option that will last a lifetime. Ceramic tile transitions well over the years -- and it comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. Using the right cleaning solution is key in keeping your ceramic floor tile looking its best.


Daily Cleaning of Your Ceramic Tile

Typically all you must do to keep the tile clean and presentable is sweep. You can use a broom, vacuum cleaner or even dust mop to remove all of the loose crumbs, dust and debris that accumulates over time.


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Damp Cleaning of the Ceramic Tile

Using a damp mop with water only is often all that is required to keep the tile free of sticky residue. For a stronger cleaning, use about 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol to 1 gallon water. This is a mild cleaning solution that disinfects well without leaving residue behind on the ceramic tile.


Using Clorox on Your Ceramic Tile Floor

Clorox is a strong bleach that should only be used as needed. Typically bleach is not required for cleaning the actual tile, but more for the grout. Grout can become dirty and dull over time, leaving you in need of a strong cleaner that removes all of the buildup. To use the bleach, dilute about 2 cups Clorox with 1 gallon water. Dip an old toothbrush into the diluted Clorox water and scrub across your grout. Mop the entire floor afterward with water only to remove any leftover bleach solution.


Cautions and Alternatives

Pay attention to the type of grout you have. Clorox is a chlorine-based bleach that should be used on white grout, but can discolor other grout colors. If you have colored grout, even an off-white grout, use oxygen bleach instead of the Clorox which can be purchased at any supermarket with cleaning supplies. Mix the same ratio of 2 cups oxygen bleach per gallon of water and scrub with the toothbrush.



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