Fun Games for Class Reunions

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Class reunions allow classmates to catch up with each other and recall fond memories.

If you're responsible for planning your class reunion, it's a good idea to incorporate a few games to get the party started. You want everyone to have a good time reminiscing, but sometimes it can be awkward for people who haven't seen each other for many years to open up. As the planner, select games that will break the ice and take classmates down memory lane.


Guess Who Bingo?

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Create bingo boards with different combinations of high school yearbook photos in each space. Instead of calling out numbers, show the yearbook photos. Classmates should cover the matching picture on their board. The first person to get five pictures covered in a row wins. Give them a bonus prize if they can successfully name everyone in the row.

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Let's Catch Up Scavenger Hunt

For this game, you'll need to know a couple of facts about each person attending the reunion. You can accomplish this by having everyone submit a brief bio with their reunion registration. When classmates begin arriving, hand out a paper with an interesting fact about each person attending. Task everyone with discovering which names should be attached to which fact, and each person sign his name next to his fact. This game can be done casually throughout the night. The person who has the most signatures at the end of the evening wins. If the reunion is over a weekend, the game can continue until the farewell luncheon or meeting.


Four Corners

For this activity, you'll need a large space such as an empty ballroom if you're at a hotel. Tell everyone to stand in one of the four corners of the room and ask them to mingle among themselves. Start the game by calling out people by characteristics or interesting facts. For instance, you could say, "everyone who no longer lives in the state, find another corner," or "If you were on the track team, find a new corner!" Those people must move to another corner and introduce or reaquaint themselves with their classmates. Continue calling out different characteristics or facts several times until everyone has moved corners. This non-competitive activity helps classmates relax and reminisce.


M&M Facts

This game works well when people are seated at their tables for the reunion banquet. Each table should have a bowl of M&Ms. Instruct everyone to grab as many candies as they'd like with one hand, then explain that for every M&M they grabbed, they must tell one updated fact about themselves. Everyone will laugh good-naturedly at the guy with the big hands who grabbed half the bowl and now has to come up with lots of facts about himself.


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