Games & Activities to Play at a 50th Class Reunion

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Music brings back memories.

A 50th class reunion is a time for reminiscing, catching up with friends and having a memorable evening out. This "golden" reunion can be a nostalgic night, remembering the best of years gone past. It is a great time to bring up times past through games, activities, pictures and memorabilia that bring everyone together in a spirit of camaraderie. With just a little planning on the part of the reunion committee, it can be a fun-filled evening of laughs and memories.


Year Specific Trivia

Trivia games with year specific trivia played as individuals or in teams is a game in which everyone can participate. Having someone keep score and giving out small prizes to the winners can bring that high school competitive edge back to the forefront. Questions can include things to do with popular foods, the top songs, best-selling books, box office hits and political and world events from the graduation year of the class. To add some laughs, include questions about class clowns, pranks, teachers and school activities particular to your graduating class.


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Golden Games

Since it is the golden reunion, play a game where the answer to every question has the word "gold" as a part of the answer. You could include questions about the movie "Goldfinger," goldfinches, golden cages, golden glove boxers, the gold rush, gold mining, gold nuggets, "The Golden Girls," gold bars and black gold. Award the person with the most right answers some gold foil-covered chocolate coins.


Music & Dancing

Music is great for bringing back memories. Whether you have a disc jockey, a band or a CD player with music brought from home, consider playing the top 50 songs of the year you graduated in ascending order throughout the night as background music. If a dance floor is available, consider a dancing contest with the dances that were popular during your high school years.



A slideshow is a great conversation starter. Projecting it onto a big screen allows everyone to share in the fun together. If this is not possible, have the slideshow playing on a laptop in the corner. Ask everyone to send you their favorite high school photos ahead of time so you have a greater variety of people showing up in the slideshow. You can also scan pictures from the yearbook to include. Intersperse the personal photos with newspaper headlines, movie stills and popular items from your graduating year.


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