What Can I Seal Custom-Painted Shoes With?

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Painted stars on canvas shoe.
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Painting your shoes gives those kicks a custom makeover, no matter what they're made from. While the artwork looks amazing before you wear the shoes, once you take your creations on a walk, they're subject to dirt, scuffs and moisture, depending on the conditions outside. Acrylic sealers protect the painted work in many cases, or you can use a sealer designed specifically for shoes or leather.


Sealer Specifics

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Acrylic sealers protect painted finishes on fabrics, shoes and art canvases alike. Craft stores carry assorted acrylic sealers; some may add a slightly glossy finish over the paint and shoe material. Check the package to ensure the sealer is compatible with the type of material your shoes are made of -- acrylic sealers work well on canvas, porous fabrics, man-made materials and leather. Some leather shops also carry acrylic sealers designed specifically for leather. Shoe sealers designed to protect sneakers from moisture also help seal the painted project. While sealers offer some protection, they won't keep your artwork clean and may wear out over time.

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