Games for a Mother/Daughter Banquet

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A mother-daughter fashion show can be a stylish time.
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Mother-daughter banquets are a time to celebrate the relationship between a mother and daughter. You can also hold a banquet to show appreciation, such as on Mother's Day. Games at mother-daughter banquets can make the gathering all the more festive, and learning some activities you can do at a mother-daughter banquet can make it an effective bonding experience.



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Makeover contests are fun to try.
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Makeover contests are one game to try at a mother-daughter banquet. Have each mom-daughter team come equipped with makeup from home and set a time limit for makeovers, such as an hour. Have the mother-daughter teams perform makeovers on each other and you can vote on which team did the best job. For a fun twist, do make-unders and have teams try and make each other look funny or weird.


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Relay Races

Get active with a relay race.
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Relay races are a way to get a little active at a mother-daughter banquet. Do a girly twist on races and have teams try and do them while wearing heels. For example, have one member of the mother-daughter team race an egg on a spoon to the other team member wearing high heels, then the other member can race back by switching out shoes and having to wear the high heels back to the finish line.


Mom-And-Daughter Trivia

Mom-and-Daughter trivia shows you how much you really know about your family!
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A trivia game is a game where moms can see how much they know about their daughters and daughters can see what they know about mom. Make a list of general questions, such as favorite food, color, movie or musical group, and have each mother-daughter team attempt to answer the questions about each other. The team that gets the most correct can win a prize.


Fashion Show

Have mother-daughter teams compete in a fashion contest.
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A mother-daughter fashion show can create bonding time not only at the banquet, but in preparation for it. Have mother-daughter teams design a signature look and wear matching outfits. Or mothers can design what their daughters will wear and the daughters can design outfits for mothers. Take votes on most fashionable, creative, best night look or professional look and any other category you'd like.



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