How to Clean the Bionaire Humidifier Model BUL7921 UM

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A cool-mist humidifier adds moisture to indoor air.
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The Bionaire BUL7921 UM is a cool-mist humidifier; it produces a mist that increases the moisture in the air. This style of humidifier works well in arid environments and medium to large rooms, making the air more comfortable to breathe. Keeping the humidifier clean prevents odors and helps to keep the unit in good condition. You can clean the Bionaire humidifier model BUL7921 UM with basic household supplies.


Daily Cleaning

Emptying and rinsing the humidifier's base and the water tank in the sink every day helps clean out dirt and reduce the risk of micro-organism growth in the wet environment. Lifting the water tank off of the humidifier simplifies the cleaning process. You can use plain tap water for the daily cleaning. The manufacturer recommends drying the humidifier with a rag after cleaning, and refilling it with cool water.


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Weekly Cleaning

Although this model is no longer available on the Bionaire website, Bionaire provides product manuals and instructions for care and cleaning of its humidifiers. In addition to the daily maintenance of rinsing out the humidifier, cleaning the humidifier with a mild household cleaner or vinegar and water every week to two weeks helps to prevent odors. Rinsing the tank with plain water helps to remove any residue.


Removing Mineral Deposits

If you have hard water, water with high mineral content, using vinegar and cleaning the humidifier weekly will help keep the humidifier from developing crusty mineral deposits. Bionaire recommends cleaning the humidifier with a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water to break down mineral deposits. Applying the vinegar with a rag and leaving it on the surfaces for up to 20 minutes can help break down the minerals. Vinegar can also help to reduce odor buildup in a humidifier. Cleaning the humidifier daily and weekly reduces the risk of developing thick mineral deposits that become difficult to remove.


Humidifier Cleaning Tips

Always turn the humidifier off and unplug it before cleaning it. Avoid using boiling water, scouring pads, metal implements, abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals such as ammonia or bleach on the Bionaire humidifier. These things can damage the plastic. Never immerse the humidifier or any electrical appliance in water. Change the humidifier filter at regular intervals, such as every three to six months depending on how much you use it, to keep the humidifier smelling fresh and operating smoothly.



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