Fun Italian Themed Games

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Add an Italian twist to your games for an Italian themed party.
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Make your Italian themed party enjoyable by introducing different types of fun games. To ensure the games and activities tie in with your theme, use common games and implement various Italian trivia, symbols and other items to not only carry your theme but to also make the night enjoyable for you and your guests.


Who Speaks Italian?

Have fun finding out which of your guests speaks the most Italian. Before the party, write down several common Italian phrases on a piece of paper. To play, read the phrases to the participating guests. The guest that can translate the most phrases wins a prize such as a basket of Italian pasta.


Video of the Day

Expand the activity with a little surprise twist and separate the guests into two groups. Play an Italian version of Charades by having one team member act out a phrase for his team to guess.

Italian Trivia for Parties

Challenge your guests' knowledge of Italian culture, wine and food with this activity. Create a small questionnaire with approximately 10 to 15 multiple choice questions, such as what are the colors of the Italian flag, which are red, green and white. Ask the questions to the participating guests, and give the guest with the most correct answers a bottle of Italian wine or fancy pasta.


Capturing the Flags

Use this fun Italian game as a party icebreaker. It's especially effective for a gathering where many people don't know each other well, if at all. Purchase several mini Italian flags, one for each guest. Distribute the flags to each participating guest and instruct the players to ask each other yes or no questions. Every player that answers a question with the word "no" must give his flag to the player that asked the question; however, the player is not out and he's still able to play and capture flags.


The questions can be as outrageous as the guests wish, as long as they're appropriate for the party. After a certain amount of time, such as 10 minutes, the player holding the most flags wins the game and receives an Italian-themed prize.

Blindfold Boot Heel Contest

This game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey with an Italian twist is sure to be a fun activity for the party. Enlarge a map of Italy and hang on a main wall at the party location. Cut out several copies of the "heel" portion of Italy for the participating guests.


To play, blindfold the guests, spin them around and have them place the "heel" on the correct part of Italy's "boot." The guest with the closest placement wins the game and receives a prize.

Wine Corks Ahoy

Hold a fun Italian game of chance that requires no special talents, and that anyone can win. Toss 100 wine bottle corks into a large box or basket. Remove five of them and mark a red "X" on the bottom of them. Return them to the bin and mix them up well. Have each guest cover his eyes, plunder through the corks and choose one. Award a prize to each lucky person who grabs a marked cork.



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