Does Grapeseed Oil Get Rid of Candida?

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Grapeseed oil, high in antioxidants, has a number of additional health benefits; studies have shown that the oil can treat chronically dry skin or blemishes and even help to get rid of stretch marks. Due to the antimicrobial nature of grapeseed oil, the supplement may also be helpful in treating candida albicans, harmful yeast-like substances in the digestive tract and bloodstream that can cause serious health issues.



Grapeseed oil has a high concentration of polyphenols, which are antioxidants that slow the aging process. Polyphenols also shield the body from toxins and infection and can reduce inflammation. Since symptoms of candida include a compromised immune system and swelling in various parts of the body, using grapeseed oil can help to treat candida albicans. Linoleic acid is also a primary component of grapeseed oil. This fatty acid promotes skin and hair cell growth, which may be compromised or reduced in the body if there is too much candida.


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Allergic reactions to a number of substances or the development of new allergies is sometimes a sign of candida albicans. This may be accompanied by other symptoms, such as chronic fatigue and sensitivity to perfume and cosmetics. Grapeseed oil can help to treat these uncomfortable side effects of candida. The oil can block the release of enzymes that create histamines and cause allergic reactions, such as sneezing, runny nose, itchy skin and watery eyes.


Blood Circulation

Web MD notes that grapeseed oil may be effective in treating poor blood circulation, particularly in the legs, which could be a sign of excess candida. The website suggests taking 720 mg. of grapeseed oil daily to treat discomfort and swelling in the legs or taking up to 300 mg. daily for three weeks then reducing the dosage to 40 to 80 mg. a day for maintenance.


Blood Pressure Regulation

Joel Dirk McDaniel of the Alternative Healing Institute asserts that candida can be a cause of high blood pressure, particularly in individuals who have been plagued with excess candida albicans for an extended period of time. According to the Home Remedies website, grapeseed oil can restore blood vessels that have been damaged and can lower blood and cholesterol levels with regular use -- one capsule a day is the recommended dosage for this health condition. Grapeseed oil also helps boost the levels of high density lipoproteins, or "good" cholesterol, which extracts extra cholesterol from the cells and transports it to the liver, where it is excreted from the body.


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