Paint Colors For a 1985 Mercedes Benz 300SD

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The words "Mercedes" and "diesel" might sound a bit at odds today, but the 300SD's straight-five, OM616 turbodiesel was all but single-handedly responsible for Mercedes' burgeoning popularity in North America. This engine was light, smooth, powerful and clean compared to other diesels of the era, and is still regarded as one of the most reliable powerplants ever built. Mercedes offered a variety of subtle shades for this car, which suited its personality and market well.

Standard Paints

Black 040 and Classic White 737 were as timeless as a tuxedo on an old, boxy Mercedes; Light Ivory 623 was a prosthetic-limb color that was somehow more beige than Manilla Beige 681. But neither was as intensely inoffensive as 684 Pastel Beige or 444 Sand Beige. Paint code 751 was a mixed shade known as both Ascot Blue and Ascot Grey. Moss Green 803 was a lighter and less saturated shade of Forest Green 822, and bright Signal -- aka "Fire Engine" -- red would scream "Arrest Me" if this weren't a Mercedes. Dark Blue Clearcoat 904 was as deep as a U-Boat, but oddly not as oceanic at 900 Deep Blue. Mocca 459 was overwhelmingly brown, but not as much so as a few of the upscale metallic colors.

Metallic Colors

Black Pearl 199 was the darkest metallic, and Anthracite Grey 172 was a bit lighter. Astro Silver 735 was a slightly lighter blue-tinted silver, and Smoke Silver 702 was close to the Mercedes Silver used today. Thistle Green 881 was a pale pastel, and Cypress Green 876 was a bit more pronounced. Petrol Blue 877 was close to a powder blue, and Diamond Blue 355 was a little more grey. Desert Red 540 was a husky shade of rose, and Cabernet Red 587 was a taste-appropriate alternative to 473 Champagne.

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