Bernzomatic Flexible Stem Gas Lighter Instructions

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Bernzomatic flexible stem gas lighters are very convenient for lighting barbecue pits.

Bernzomatic, a leading American manufacturer of blowtorches, also makes a line of gas lighters that are ideal for lighting torches, barbecue grills and other household items. The Bernzomatic line of lighters includes three models that have flexible stems. In addition, all of them have adjustable flames as well as windows where you can see the level of gas left in the lighters. These lighters do not need flints because they are equipped with electronic ignition. They are easy to use and feature large, comfortable handle buttons to start the flames.


Step 1

Locate the gas fill hole on the back or bottom of your Bernzomatic lighter, depending on the model.

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Step 2

Remove the cap of your Bernzomatic butane canister. Invert the canister and insert the tip of the gas nozzle into the gas fill hole. Press down on the butane canister and fill until a small amount of liquid shoots out of the gas fill hole.


Step 3

Store the gas cylinder in a safe location, out of the reach of children and pets and away from extreme heat or sources of fire or sparks.

Step 4

Position the lighter close to the material or source of gas (such as a pilot light or grill) that you need to light.


Step 5

Hold the lighter in your hand with the large gray switch facing upward. To ignite the lighter flame, press down on the raised portion of the switch with your thumb.

Step 6

Release the button as soon as the flame starts.


Step 7

Hold the lighter upright and check the level of liquid that appears in the window at the bottom front of the lighter. If it reaches halfway up the window or lower and you wish to continue using your lighter, add more fuel according to the directions in Steps 1 and 2.

Step 8

Store the lighter in a safe place, making sure that nothing rests on (or can fall on top of) the top gray button. Keep it out of the reach of children and pets and away from sparks, fire and extreme heat.


Never refill your lighter near an open flame. If you are lighting a barbecue grill where a flame may have already started, ignite the lighter flame before you bring the lighter close to the grill.



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