How to Cut Copper Pipe Against a Wall

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Mini-hacksaw

  • Sandpaper

If you're planning a plumbing remodel, you may encounter copper piping along a wall. Under normal circumstances, copper is quickly and efficiently cut with a tubing cutter. However, when the copper pipe is along a wall, you will quickly find that a tubing cutter will not fit around the pipe. Luckily, other tools can be used in such close quarters that will successfully cut the copper pipe off cleanly; then you can quickly sweat another fitting onto the cut piece.


Step 1

Mark out the copper pipe at the desired cut location. To ensure a straight cut through the pipe, mark the pipe around its entire circumference.

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Step 2

Place a mini-hacksaw up against the copper pipe. Slowly push and pull the hacksaw along the copper pipe. The mini-hacksaw's blade should begin to cut through the pipe.

Step 3

Hold the piece of copper pipe steady with one hand when the mini-hacksaw is almost all the way through. This will prevent the copper pipe from binding on the hacksaw and also prevent the pipe from bending before it's cut clean through.

Step 4

Remove the cut portion of copper pipe once it is cut all the way through. Clean the edges with sandpaper to remove any burrs and prepare the end for a new fitting.


Make sure your mini-hacksaw blade is sharp before attempting to cut through the copper pipe. If the blade is dull, the saw may rip and tear at the pipe rather than cut it cleanly.


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