How to Remove Paper From Brie

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Things You'll Need

  • Butter knife

  • Plate

  • Wax paper

Brie is a soft French cheese.

Brie originates from the south and east regions around Paris and has been suggested to date back to the fifth century. In 1815, it was so popular that Prince Tallyrand named it the King of Cheese. If you're after a quick snack, then brie and crackers is the ideal indulgence. However, sometimes the paper which it is wrapped it can stick to the outer rind of the brie, especially if it has been left in a warm area. Do not panic, because the paper can be easily removed.


Step 1

Put the brie on a plate. If you put it directly on a surface it might collect crumbs or dirt. You can turn it on the plate and prevent this from happening.

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Step 2

Turn the brie around to find where the paper overlaps. Find the seam where the brie paper wraps around the cheese.

Step 3

Slide the butter knife between the two layers of paper. Pry it upwards to rip the paper off the brie. You are likely to find it is glued in a specific spot. At this point, put the knife down and gently pull the paper away from the cheese.

Step 4

Unwrap the brie. If parts of it are stuck to the cheese, simply use the knife to cut the paper away from the cheese. Do this in small sections.

Step 5

Cut slices of brie. Then wrap it up in the wax paper to keep it fresh.


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