How to Restain Polyurethane Wood Floors Without Sanding

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Things You'll Need

  • Can of polyurethane

  • Paint stirrer

  • Plastic dishpan

  • 4-inch stain brush

Your wood floor can be protected with polyurethane.

Polyurethane is a type of wood stain that can be applied to natural wood to help it retain its appearance and durability. If you have a polyurethane wood floor where parts of the finish are starting to wear off, you can re-stain these areas without sanding the surface. However, if you plan to re-stain the entire floor, then sanding the surface to remove the old finish is recommended.


Step 1

Open the can of polyurethane, and use a paint stirrer to thoroughly mix the contents. Be sure to drag the polyurethane on the bottom of the can up to the top.

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Step 2

Pour a small amount of the polyurethane into a plastic dishpan.


Step 3

Dip a f4-inch stain brush into the dishpan and wipe the excess on the edge.

Step 4

Brush the polyurethane onto the wood floor surface moving in the direction of the grain.

Step 5

Wait for the polyurethane to dry and check the color. If it needs to be a bit darker to match the surrounding wood, apply one more coat.



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