Quick-Turn Bracket Installation

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Things You'll Need

  • Wrench

  • Drill (If necessary)

Use a quick-turn bracket as a low-headroom option for garage doors.

A quick-turn bracket is an attachment for the top section of a garage door. The brackets allow you to use an electric garage door opener for garages with a limited amount of head clearance. Use the quick-turn bracket to reduce headroom requirements to 8 inches on a 12-inch radius track in place of the existing top roller. Avoid using this type of bracket with any other low headroom option.


Step 1

Remove the top roller bracket with a wrench to unscrew the flange nut that connects the bracket to the garage door.

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Step 2

Locate the two rollers in the tubes of the bracket. Place the rollers in the holes of the garage door. Try various roller positions to achieve the proper hinge location on the door. If necessary, drill holes in the garage door to position the bracket rollers properly.


Step 3

Place the rollers and bracket in the garage door track. Position the hinged end of the bracket against the door and apply pressure to the top of the door to close it tightly against the header.

Step 4

Attach the bracket to the top of the garage door in the same manner as the original top roller bracket.


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