How to Cure Time Oil Based Primer Kilz

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Things You'll Need

  • Kilz primer instructions

  • Fan

Primer must dry, or cure, completely before being recoated.

Oil-based primers do a particularly good job of blocking stains and other surface inconsistencies such as knots in wood that, when not primed, can bleed through the top coat. Kilz Brand paint produces several types of oil-based primers that are formulated for a variety of applications, including interior and exterior use. Their manufacturer-recommended cure times range from 15 minutes to one hour; however, there are several factors that affect cure times.


Step 1

Read the paint instructions. The label on the container will indicate how long it takes the primer to be dry to the touch and when a second coat or top coat can be applied under optimal conditions. This is a good starting point for determining exactly how long the primer will take to cure.


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Step 2

Consider heat and humidity levels. Manufacturer-recommended cure times are typically based on environmental conditions of 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius) and 50 percent humidity. Cooler temperatures and higher humidity levels will increase cure times.

Step 3

Consider spread rate. The thickness at which the primer was applied also affects cure time. Thicker coats of paint will take longer to dry than thinner coats.


Step 4

Ventilate the area. The process of drying primer essentially consists of evaporation of the liquids within the paint. Ventilation will speed this process. Open windows and doors where possible and turn on a fan to circulate as much air through the area as possible.


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