How to Load Staples Into a Sears Craftsman Stapler Model 6843

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The Craftsman 6843 is a manual stapler with a spring-loaded trigger handle sold by Sears. As with other hand-held stapler models, the 6843 presses against a flat surface. Squeezing the trigger handle drives one staple into the surface material. Staples are sold in strips that load into the underside of the 6843 model. The stapler can fire staple strips ranging in size from 1/4 to 9/16 inch in width. Loading a new strip of staples takes less than a minute.


Step 1

Turn the stapler upside down so the handle trigger faces downward.

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Step 2

Press the metal latches on the rear edge of the stapler to release the cover.

Step 3

Slide the metal cover backward to expose the chamber for holding staples. Remove any loose or jammed staples, and discard them.

Step 4

Insert a new strip of staples into the compartment with the pointed ends facing upward.

Step 5

Slide the cover forward until it clicks in the locked position.


Always point the stapler away from yourself and other individuals before squeezing the trigger handle. A fired staple can cause painful and potentially serious injury.

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