How to Stop Condensation Inside a Trailer

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Things You'll Need

  • Dehumidifier

  • Fan

Managing condensation instide the trailer is important for your health.

Condensation forms when the air releases the moisture it is holding. This occurs because of a temperature change or the air becomes overly saturated. If condensation or moisture is left unchecked, for a long prior of time, mold, fungus and/or mildew will begin to grow. These organisms cause health problems for the occupants of the trailer and may make the trailer unlivable. Moisture also causes the wood structure to rot. There are two approaches to managing condensation in a trailer.


Step 1

Choose the ideal location to install the dehumidifier. This should be in the largest room of the trailer in a spot where it receives the most air flow. Closets or rooms with closed doors are not good locations. If the trailer has a room that is lower than the rest of the trailer, this is a good spot. Moisture is heavier than air and it travels to the lowest area.

Step 2

Plug the dehumidifier into an outlet and adjust its control until it turns on. Forty to 50 percent humidity is the ideal level for the comfort of the occupants.

Step 3

Remove the water catch basin when it is full and drain it into a sink or bathtub. Replace it back in the machine. If the trailer has a significant amount of moisture this task may need to be done several times a day.


Step 1

Open a window, air vent, or door on one end of the trailer.

Step 2

Open another window, air vent, or door on the other end of the trailer. This allows air to move through the trailer, picking up the moisture and moving it outside.

Step 3

Turn on the mechanical bathroom vents to assist in the movement of the air.

Step 4

Open the interior doors of the trailer to allow air to flow through every room.

Step 5

Install fans near the doors or windows to increase the air flow.