How to Make a Giant Fake Syringe

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Things You'll Need

  • Mechanical pencil lead

  • White polymer clay

  • Oral syringe

Giant fake syringes are used as movie props and as part of doctor and nurse costumes during Halloween. Make a giant fake syringe with a large oral syringe. Oral syringes are used to administer liquid medicines by the mouth to infants and animals. The oral syringe is shaped like a huge, regular syringe and will make the prop look very convincing when you take it out of your pocket at your next costume party. A pencil lead needle makes it safe, as the lead easily snaps off before it can pierce the skin.


Step 1

Break off a piece of mechanical pencil lead that is 3 inches long.

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Step 2

Take a 2-inch piece of white polymer clay and knead it with your hands to soften it. Roll it into a thin "snake" or string and insert it into the short tip of the oral syringe. Fill the short tip completely with the white polymer clay.

Step 3

Insert the pencil lead into the polymer clay in the oral syringe tip to make the needle of the fake syringe. The pencil lead will push up into the polymer clay when the "needle" of the syringe is pressed against the skin to make it appear as though the needle is being inserted into the flesh.


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