How to Make Fake Leg Hair

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Things You'll Need

  • Soapy water

  • Soft towel

  • Faux fur

  • Plastic bag

  • Disposable razor

  • Water soluble spirit gum

  • Unwanted toothbrush

  • Mascara

When a woman dresses up like a man for a costume contest or Halloween the look is not complete without hairy legs. Creating fake hairy legs for a single evening is possible without the use of expensive products. The technique used to create the fake hair can be used lightly to create a man Halloween costume or heavily to create the appearance of a werewolf or Big Foot and is intended to look whimsical, not realistic.


Step 1

Wash your legs with soapy water and dry them well with a soft towel. This will prepare your skin for leg hair.

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Step 2

Hold a piece of faux fur over a plastic bag. Choose a color of faux fur that matches your own hair color.


Step 3

Remove the tips of the faux fur by shaving them off with a disposable razor. Continue to hold the faux fur over the bag in order to allow the shaving to fall inside.

Step 4

Cover your legs from the knees down with water soluble spirit gum, which is a skin-safe adhesive used to apply special effects make-up.


Step 5

Remove a handful of faux fur from the bag and scatter it over your legs. Use a smaller amount of the faux fur if you are after a more subtle look. For more drama, and more hair, cover your legs with a larger amount of the faux fur shavings.

Step 6

Cover the bristles of an unwanted toothbrush with a light coating of black mascara. Use a mascara that resembles the color of faux fur.


Step 7

Dab the toothbrush lightly over your legs to add dimension to your look. The mascara is also intended to fill in the empty spots of your legs between the pieces of faux fur.

Step 8

Remove the faux fur and mascara from your legs with soapy water. Scrub your legs with a washcloth and remove the faux fur while standing in the bathtub to cut down on the mess.


Apply the faux fur to your legs quickly as the spirit gum stays tacky for only a short period of time.



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