How to Lubricate a Dewalt Compound Miter

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Things You'll Need

  • Compressed air can

  • Clean rag

  • Toothbrush

  • Spray lubricant

DeWALT miter saws should be lubricated for better performance.

Compound miter saws are used to make angle cuts on many different types of lumber. DeWALT compound miter saws can become worn down and damaged over time from constant use. The blade can become worn and the cuts may not be as smooth. One way to help improve the continued operation of your saw is to lubricate it. This will help make your cuts more precise and allow the saw to run much smoother in the process.


Step 1

Turn off the saw and verify the blade is not moving. Unplug the saw and set it on a flat surface. Grab the clear blade guard covering the blade and pull it back away from the blade by hand.

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Step 2

Spray off the entire compound miter saw with a can of compressed air. Hold the can 6 inches from the surface of the saw and move it back and forth. Move the can closer and get into the crevices of the saw. Blow any dust and debris away from the saw.


Step 3

Brush off any sawdust or wood chips with a clean rag. Wipe the blade as clean as possible with the rag and scrub down the entire surface of the blade with a toothbrush. Press hard on the blade and scrub thoroughly until all the visible sawdust is gone.

Step 4

Apply a small amount of spray lubricant onto the blade of the saw and spread it out over the blade by hand. Let it soak in and wipe off any excess with a clean rag. Drop the blade guard back over the blade.

Step 5

Plug in the saw and test out how well it is working. Cut a piece of wood as a sample and, if necessary, further lubricate the blade.


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