How to Make Lime Green With Primary Colors

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Things You'll Need

  • Blue paint

  • Yellow paint

  • Stirrer

  • White paint

  • Bowl or paint tray

  • Spoons

Lime green is a light shade of green.

Primary colors are colors that are not created by combining other colors. Yellow, red and blue are primary colors. By combining two or more of these colors, you can create orange, green, purple and shades of these colors. This is important to know if you want a different shade of paint and cannot find that exact color already formulated and ready to use. Lime green is made by first mixing blue and yellow to make green and then lightening the result.


Step 1

Place equal amounts of blue paint and yellow paint in a bowl or paint tray, using spoons or a similar object to transfer the paint. Blend the colors together with a stirrer. You will end up with a shade of green.

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Step 2

Add a small amount of yellow paint to the green paint and stir it in thoroughly. Keep adding more yellow until you have created lime green.

Step 3

Add white paint, in small amounts, to the paint to make it paler if it is still not the exact color you want.


If you end up with a shade of green that's too pale, just add a bit more blue and yellow until it is the right color again.

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