How to Keep Dumplings From Sticking

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Things You'll Need

  • Steamer

  • Dumplings

  • Large stirring spoon

  • Olive oil

  • Pastry brush

  • Lettuce leaf

Try these easy tricks to keep dumplings from sticking.

Dumplings are an Asian inspired dish that you can serve as a main dish, snack or appetizer depending on your preference. While there are dumplings used in southern dishes, these dumplings are made differently and don't stick. Asian dumplings are a sort of dough pouch filled with a variety of ingredients and steamed. These dumplings do like to stick to the pot, but with a few simple tricks you can prevent that from happening.


Step 1

Line the steamer basket with a large lettuce leaf. This is the easiest method since it takes very little time and doesn't require extra work. The lettuce leaf won't affect the taste of the dumplings but it keeps the food from sticking to the steamer.

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Step 2

Brush the dumplings with olive oil. You don't need to cover the entire dumpling; just brush the area that will be touching the steamer insert. The oil will keep the dumplings from sticking.

Step 3

Stir the dumplings slightly while they cook. You don't want to stir too much so the dumplings can fully cook in the steamer, but stirring occasionally will keep them from sticking to the pan.


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