How to Stamp Logo Into Vinyl

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Things You'll Need

  • Vinyl fabric

  • Rubber stamp

  • Embossing ink pad

  • Embossing powder, matte

  • Heat gun

Make a stamped logo using craft supplies.

Vinyl fabric is often used to create signs for businesses and fundraisers, which can be professionally printed with a specific logo. But you can apply the logo design onto the vinyl fabric yourself using materials that can be purchased from a craft store, such as large rubber stamps and embossing powder.


Step 1

Stretch out the vinyl fabric onto a flat surface, such as a counter or desk top. Cut the vinyl to the specific size that you want the sign to be.

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Step 2

Press a large rubber stamp into an embossing ink pad. You can order large rubber stamps customized with your logo at any craft store. Rock the rubber stamp back and forth in the embossing ink for one minute to coat it completely.


Step 3

Press the inked rubber stamp straight down onto the vinyl fabric, then quickly shake matte embossing powder over the wet ink.

Step 4

Turn on a heat gun and allow it to heat up for two minutes.


Step 5

Hold the heat gun 6 inches above the stamped logo. Heat the area for three minutes, which will cause the embossing ink to combine with the powder and create a raised stamp effect that looks like a professional print job. Repeat the process to add on as many stamps as you prefer.



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