How to Dispose of Old Snowmobiles

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Things You'll Need

  • Oil pan

  • Hand pump

  • Plastic milk jug

  • Gas can

  • Flatbed truck or trailer

Old snowmobiles contain several hundred pounds of scrap metal.

Disposing of old machinery is as easy as loading up the vehicle and depositing it at a local recycling yard. Yards that specialize in scrap metal are found all over the country. In many cases, recyclers who routinely accept salvage automobiles and trucks will accept old snowmobiles without any problem. Some yards require that any gas or oil be removed from the vehicle, however, slightly complicating the process of disposing of the snowmobile.


Step 1

Place the oil pan underneath the oil drain of the snowmobile and open the drain to remove the oil from the engine. Replace the drain plug. Transfer the old engine oil to a plastic milk jug for disposal at a local auto parts store.

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Step 2

Open the fuel cap of the snowmobile and insert one end of the hand pump into the tank. Put the other end of the pump into the gas can. Actuate the pump by squeezing the pressure bladder to empty the gas from the snowmobile's fuel tank.

Step 3

Load the snowmobile onto a flatbed trailer or truck and transport it to a local salvage yard where metal is recycled. Collect the money for recycling your snowmobile depending on the current price of steel and the actual weight of the snowmobile.


Remove any aluminum from the snowmobile to recycle separately. Clean aluminum is valued higher than aluminum that has plastic or steel attached to it. If the snowmobile's engine is a 4-cycle engine, you can use its leftover fuel in your car or lawnmower. If it is a 2-cycle engine, use the fuel in a gas-operated leaf blower or string trimmer. Check online to see if your particular model of snowmobile is a 2-cycle or 4-cycle engine. You don't need to remove plastic parts from the snowmobile. The salvage yard adjusts the price paid to account for plastic or other composite parts.


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