How to Make a Paper Airplane

Making a unique paper airplane that looks great and flies well can be a fun project to share with friends. This is an example of a paper airplane inspired by a moth.

A moth-inspired paper airplane (Image: Megan Andersen)

Things You'll Need

  • Paper

  • Chalk in assorted colors (optional)

Step 1

Fold number one. (Image: Megan Andersen)

With a sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper laid out horizontally in front of you, fold the upper right hand corner down toward the lower left. The upper left corner should come to a neat point, while the lower left remains about 2 inches away from the corner that WAS the upper right.

Step 2

Fold number two. (Image: Megan Andersen)

Bring the lower right point up to the upper left point and meet the two points exactly. Crease the folds with your thumbnail.

Step 3

Fold number three. (Image: Megan Andersen)

Open the paper so that two peaks face downward.

Step 4

Fold number four. (Image: Megan Andersen)

Take the right "wing" and fold it inward so that it lines up with the center "valley" of your peaks.

Step 5

Fold number five. (Image: Megan Andersen)

Take the left "wing" and fold it inward so that it lines up with the center "valley" of your peaks.

Step 6

Fold number six. (Image: Megan Andersen)

Fold the top/center peak down about an inch and a half.

Step 7

Fold number seven. (Image: Megan Andersen)

Fold the top/center peak back up.

Step 8

Fold number eight. (Image: Megan Andersen)

Following the horizontal crease of the top peak, fold the right wing back to the right.

Step 9

Fold number nine. (Image: Megan Andersen)

Fold the left wing back in the same manner as on the right in Step 8.

Step 10

Fold number ten. (Image: Megan Andersen)

Fold the center peak back down.

Step 11

Fold number eleven. (Image: Megan Andersen)

Fold the entire span of the top of the plane down ¾ of an inch (peak and wings) and crease it with your fingernail.

Step 12

Fold number twelve. (Image: Megan Andersen)

Then pull the center triangle back up.

Step 13

Fold number thirteen. (Image: Megan Andersen)

Grab the very center of your plane at the fold, and pull the wings back to meet each other (folded side out)

Step 14

Fold number fourteen. (Image: Megan Andersen)

Pinch the center point of the airplane and fold both wings down to expose the moth shape. Crease the paper to secure the body of the plane.

Step 15

Fly the plane. (Image: Megan Andersen)

Fly the plane as is.

Step 16

Color the plane. (Image: Megan Andersen)

Or color the plane with chalk to look like your favorite moth or butterfly...

Step 17

Float like a butterfly! (Image: Megan Andersen)

Then take it outside and enjoy!