How to Get Rid of Moles Cheaply

Things You'll Need

  • Milky spore

  • Shovel

  • Mole pit trap

  • Garden hose and water

Get rid of moles in your lawn.

When moles invade your yard, they build tunnels and hills that ruin your lawn. Moles feed on grubs and beetle larvae, so it's important to rid your lawn of these pests with pesticides specifically designed for this purpose, like Bacillus popilliae, also known as milky spore. You may need to treat your lawn a few times. Once this has been accomplished, the mole population will hopefully diminish. However, you should still rid your lawn of any moles you find. The only way to do this inexpensively is to trap and remove them from the area.

Locate the Mole Tunnels

Step 1

Find the mole tunnels that are the most active.

Step 2

Walk through your yard and step on the ground with your foot. If you feel the earth sink under your foot, you've found a mole tunnel or hill.

Step 3

Check the next day to see if the mole has come back to repair the damage. If so, you know that you've found an active mole tunnel.

Use Mole Traps

Step 1

Dig into the mole tunnel, and shovel out enough earth to fill a coffee can. Insert a mole pit trap into this space, according to the directions on the trap. Cover the trap with a small board or stone to keep the light out of the tunnel.

Step 2

Check the trap once or twice a day. If using a live trap, and it contains a mole, pull out the trap and relocate the mole away from the property.

Step 3

Continue this procedure with the other mole tunnels until you see no evidence of mole activity in your yard.

Flood Mole Tunnels

Step 1

Insert the nozzle of a garden hose into the end of a mole tunnel. Turn on the water to the hose.

Step 2

Flood the tunnel with water and wait to see if a mole tries to escape from the tunnel. Once you see the mole escape from the other end of the tunnel, you'll know that you have a active run in that area of your yard.

Step 3

Insert the mole traps in the tunnel to trap the moles. If using a live trap, release the mole away from the property.