How to Keep Hamburgers Warm After Grilling

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Things You'll Need

  • Aluminum tray

  • Aluminum foil

Hamburgers can be kept warm until dinner is ready to be served.

Grilled hamburgers are an essential for a summer barbecue. Unfortunately, if you are feeding a large crowd of people all at once, some of the burgers are going to get cold before they reach the mouths of your guests. There are a few techniques you can utilize to ensure that the burgers stay warm for your friends and family members until it is time to eat.


Step 1

Place an aluminum tray in a nearby oven on the "Keep Warm" setting. If you don't have that type of setting, choose a low temperature, such as 125 to 150 degrees F.

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Step 2

Remove the aluminum tray as soon as the first batch of hamburgers comes off of the grill. Place the hamburgers on the warmed tray.

Step 3

Cover the tray with aluminum foil to form a tent immediately after placing the grilled hamburgers inside. This will keep the hamburgers warm.

Step 4

Add each batch of hamburgers to the aluminum tray as they come off the grill. Remember to cover the tray back up with the aluminum foil.


You can also place a medium-sized tray inside of a large tray filled 1/3 of the way with hot water (not boiling). Toss the burgers in the medium tray, and cover with the aluminum foil.


The USDA warns that you must never leave the grilled hamburgers out for longer than two hours. All perishable foods need to be refrigerated by the two hour mark.


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