How to Make a Car Diaper Cake

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Things You'll Need

  • 78 disposable diapers

  • 6 bottles

  • String

  • Bottle dishwasher rack

  • 2 receiving blankets

  • Large bow

  • 2 baby socks or hats

You can arrange diapers in a wide variety of shapes.

A diaper cake is typically a large assortment of diapers wrapped and shaped into a cake design. However, there are other designs you can make with diapers as well, including a car. Making a car diaper cake takes a large number of diapers and may take some time to construct, but it will surely delight the mother-to-be.


Step 1

Wrap 6 diapers around a bottle in a circle. Tie the diapers together with string. Make 3 more diaper-wrapped bottles. These will make the wheels of the car.

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Step 2

Place 2 bottles lengthwise on both long sides of a bottle rack, and tie together with string. This will make the grill (rack) and headlights (bottles) of the car. Roll 2 diapers into a tight tube, and tie together with string. Make a second diaper tube, and tie. Place the diapers under the bottles to make the second set of headlights. Tie the grill to the bottom headlights. Fold a receiving blanket in thirds, and wrap the blanket around the middle of the rack, bottles and diapers to hold everything together. Tie the bundle with string for added stability.


Step 3

Stack 30 diapers together, and tie with string. Make 2 stacks of 10 diapers each, and tie together with string.

Step 4

Place the 4 wheels on a flat surface equally spaced with 2 in the front and 2 in the back. They may touch in the middle or there may be a small gap depending on the size of the diapers. Place the grill on top of 1 of the wheel sets. Place the 30-diaper stack on top of the other wheels with the folded ends of the diapers facing the rear of the car. Tie the wheels and 2 sides of the car together with string.


Step 5

Place the 2 stacks of 10 diapers on top of the car body with the sides of the diapers facing the front and back of the car. Tie the diapers to the rest of the car body with string. Wrap the car in an additional receiving blanket, if desired, or simply tie with a large bow. Use socks or baby hats as car mirrors on either side of the front of the car.



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