How to Make a Toga Out of a Sheet for Boys

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Things You'll Need

  • T-shirt

  • Shorts

  • Flat twin bed sheet

  • Safety pins

Despite the wide variety of boys' costumes on the market, it can be difficult to find the right one, especially when funds are low. One way to solve this problem is to create a costume at home with the resources available to you. If the costume is needed for a Roman history party, an event at school or just a toga party, a toga is something most people can make at home with minimal effort. Using a bed sheet, you can create a boys' toga in no time.


Step 1

Remove a clean twin bed sheet from your linen closet. Choose a flat sheet versus a fitted one and select one free of prints or patterns.

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Step 2

Pull on a white T-shirt and a pair of shorts so that you are wearing something beneath the toga.

Step 3

Hold the sheet level with your waist so that its long side is parallel to the floor. If the shorter length is too long and drags the floor, fold the sheet in half or enough to achieve the desired length.

Step 4

Pin one end of the sheet to your shorts using a safety pin so that it is secure.


Step 5

Wrap the sheet around your waist for 1 to 2 passes and then pin in it in place using another safety pin.

Step 6

Drape the remaining length of the sheet across your chest and over one of your shoulders.


Step 7

Let the sheet hang loose down your back. If you prefer, tuck the hanging end into the sheet that is already secure around your waist or pin it in place.


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