How to Make a Hooded Grim Reaper Robe

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Things You'll Need

  • Rectangle of black fabric 1 1/2 feet longer than the intended wearer and wide enough to wrap around them

  • Clasp, brooch or safety pin

  • Scissors

Make a simple grim reaper robe at home for Halloween.

The Grim Reaper is a favorite Halloween costume, which is simple to make yet effective in terms of the impact it makes. A simple cloak worn over black clothing can be accompanied with a scythe and black and white face paint or a mask for maximum effect. Although costume stores sell grim reaper outfits, it's simple to save money by making a homemade hooded grim reaper outfit. This sleeveless, hooded robe doesn't even involve any sewing.

Step 1

Lay the rectangle of black material out flat and fold in half lengthwise.

Step 2

Keeping the fabric folded and drape it over your head or the head of the person who will be wearing it if you are making it for someone else. The central fold should run from the front to the back of the wearer's head and down their back, with fabric falling down either side of the face, almost like hair. This will form the hood. Pull the front forward a little to allow the hood to partly obscure the face.

Step 3

Keeping the hood in place, bring the sides of the material forwards over the shoulders and use one hand to hold either side of the robe together under the chin at neck height.

Step 4

Using a safety pin, brooch or clasp, pin the two sides of the cape together at neck level.

Step 5

Check that the length of the robe at the back is appropriate and not a tripping hazard. Now it is pinned together, it should be loose enough around the neck to remove over the head without opening the clasp. If necessary remove it and cut away any excess fabric.

Step 6

To keep the hood in shape, you may wish to iron the hood part of the cape along the fold you created at the beginning before wearing it. This will create the slightly pointed shape of the Grim Reaper's hood.


Wear black, long sleeved clothing underneath for maximum effect.