How to Use Sure Cuts a Lot With Cricut Expression

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Things You'll Need

  • Sure Cuts A Lot software

  • Printer USB cable

  • Cricut Expression

  • Cricut cartridge

  • Cutting mat

  • Paper

Sure Cuts A Lot is a software program for the Cricut Expression Cutting Machine. The Sure Cuts A Lot program connects with your computer with a printer USB cord. You can use any font on your computer or .SVG images downloaded from the Internet. You will need a Cricut cartridge loaded in the machine to use the software, though you only need one cartridge.


Step 1

Open the Sure Cuts A Lot software on your computer. Connect the USB cable to the back of your Cricut Expression machine and connect the other end of the cable to the USB port on your computer.

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Step 2

Press the power button to turn on the Cricut machine. Load a cartridge into your Cricut machine with the label facing out.

Step 3

Place your paper on the cutting mat. Align the mat with the rollers located on the front of your machine. Press the "Load Paper" button.

Step 4

Select the size mat you are using by selecting "Cutter" from the menu. Select "Mat Size" then select the size mat you are using.


Step 5

Press the "+SVG" image button to import an SVG from your computer files. Press the selection tool from the tool menu to size and move the image.

Step 6

Select the text tool to add fonts to the cutting mat. Choose the appropriate text and text size from the text drop-down menu in the properties menu. Press the selection tool from the tool menu to size and move the font.


Step 7

Arrange the images and text on your mat to maximize paper use.

Step 8

Select "Cutter" from the menu, choose "Cut with Cricut" Select the "Cricut Expression" from the Cricut Model menu. Choose the firmware version of your Expression in the drop-down menu. The firmware version is displayed when you turn on your Cricut. Select "OK."

Step 9

Press "Unload Paper" when the Cricut has completed cutting.


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