How to Build a Tiger Habitat Diorama

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Tigers live in a wide range of environments, from tropical forests to grasslands and even swamps, so building a diorama to show their habitat offers many choices. There are things that all tigers have in common, no matter where they live. Tigers are nocturnal, so active scenes should be night scenes with sleeping tigers shown during the day. The diorama should also show water and animals that tigers eat. Unlike other types of cats, tigers are good swimmers and don't mind water, so a tiger diorama can have water features like lakes or rivers.


Tigers once lived all over Asia and into Turkey.
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Things You'll Need

  • Pictures Of Prey Animals (Optional)

  • Plants – Dried, Plastic Or Silk (Optional)

  • Pictures Of Tigers (Optional)

  • Crayons Or Markers

  • Scissors

  • Animal Toys Or Figurines (Optional)

  • Construction Paper

  • Glue

  • Paper

  • Box

  • Paint

Step 1

Choose the climate the tiger lives in. Tiger habitats include tropical forests, woodlands, grasslands, rocky areas and mangrove swamps. Research which plants and animals are native to the chosen area to use in the diorama.


Step 2

Paint the box to reflect the setting. If the tiger will be active in the diorama, paint a dark background for a night scene. Add details such as stars in the sky or shadows from trees or rocks. Day scenes should show light, but also shadows for tigers to hid in.

Step 3

Give the tiger some cover. Tigers use their stripes to hide in shadows, even in areas that seem open. In grasslands tigers crouch in tall grass, in forests they use trees and shrubs for cover. Add this kind of cover to the diorama by cutting plants out of construction paper or use real or artificial plants that fit the chosen environment.


Step 4

Use paints or paper and add a water source. Tigers need water to drink, no matter where they live. A water source for a tiger can be a small watering hole or a large river. Since tigers are good swimmers, action scenes can include a tiger in water.

Step 5

Draw animals or print from the Internet and place them in the diorama. Tigers are carnivores so these animals will be the tiger's food source. Choose animals native to the climate portrayed. Tigers often hunt deer, wild pigs and antelope, but they will eat smaller animals like rabbits or peacocks as well.


Step 6

Place one tiger in the diorama, or a mother tiger with no more than four cubs. Tigers are solitary animals that do not socialize or live in large groups. Like the other animals, the tiger can be drawn on paper or be a figurine or toy.