How Do I Install Ames True Temper Replacement Handles?

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Things You'll Need

  • True Temper epoxy

  • Small container

  • Dowel or paint stick

  • Small disposable paint brush

  • Hammer

Ames True Temper makes a wide variety of garden and lawn tools. Many of their tools come with heavy-duty hickory wood handles or fiberglass handles. These types of handles are able to withstand abuse and feel comfortable in your hands. As with any other tool though, the handles do occasionally break requiring replacement. Installing an Ames True Temper replacement handle often requires the use of epoxy to fully secure the handle to the tool head.


Step 1

Mix the two ingredients of the True Temper epoxy in a small container with a dowel or paint stick. Both of the ingredients must be mixed thoroughly for proper adhesion. The mixture should be smooth with no dry areas.

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Step 2

Brush the epoxy over the end of the replacement handle. The tool end of True Temper handles are tapered and have a ledge. Brush the epoxy up to the ledge on the handle. Make sure the epoxy is on the entire circumference of the handle end.

Step 3

Insert the handle into the tool head until the ledge is flush against the top of the tool head. Place the tool on a flat surface and allow the epoxy to cure for 24 hours before using the tool.


Step 4

Place the tool on the floor after installing the handle, if the tool has a handle head that requires a wedge. For instance, sledgehammer and pick ax handles require wedges for a secure fit. Brush epoxy into the groove in the end of the handle inside the tool head. The end of the handle is visible for tools requiring wedges.

Step 5

Set the edge of the wedge into the tool handle end groove. Place your foot on the handle close to the end of the tool head.

Step 6

Tap the wedge into the handle as far as possible with a hammer. Allow the epoxy to cure overnight. Cut the excess part of the wedge flush with the tool head using a hack saw.


Some wooden handles for shovels are pre-drilled and do not require epoxy. Simply line up the holes and secure with through-bolts.